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Hans Gude (1825 - 1903) - Norwegian romanticist painter

Hans Fredrik Gude (b Christiania [now Oslo], 13 March 1825; d Berlin, 17 Aug 1903). Norwegian painter. He was the most renowned Norwegian landscape painter of his time.

From Hardanger

The Fjord at Sandviken, 1879

Balestrand Ved Garden Flesje, 1850

Bridal Procession on the Hardanger Fjord, 1848

Vinterettermiddag, 1847

Ung Dame Med Syriner, 1897

Skogsvann Med Svaner

Oban Bay Skottland, 1889

Norwegian Harborof Refuge, 1873

Norsk Hyfjell, 1857

Mothers and Childred on The Shore of Lake Chiemsee Bavaria, 1868

Molde Fra Utsikten, 1890


En Sognejakt

En Bthavn, 1891

Bunnefjorden Fra Malmya, 1884

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